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A contractor you can trust that will go above and beyond to bring your dreams to reality.

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Fire Door Services

We are fully certified to provide fire door installation and maintenance services under BM Trada's Q-Mark scheme.

Q Mark Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

Why choose us?

We cover the South and South West of the UK.

Experienced tradesmen

Our team is trained, highly experienced and knowledgable.

Unbeatable standards

We are regularly audited to ensure high standards.

Wide-scale coverage

We cover the South and South West of the UK.

Experienced tradesmen

Our carpenters are skilled and handle all aspects of carpentry.

Unbeatable service

We are available to help you with your carpentry needs.


Why you need us

As a business owner in the UK, it is mandatory that your fire doors are properly fitted and maintained. However, choosing the right person for this task can be quite challenging. 

We are certified under BM Trada's Q-mark scheme for both fire door installation and maintenance. This means that we have undergone rigorous training to ensure that every job is done correctly. Additionally, we are regularly audited by BM Trada to ensure that our installations, maintenance, and record-keeping are all compliant with the standards.

"The job was completed to an extremely high standard with attention to detail being their main focus."

"Chris and the team were a pleasure to deal with. 
I would highly recommend them."

How can we help you?

Q-Mark Fire Door Installation

We can supply and fit a wide range of fire doors that are suited to your specific requirements, with various fire resistance ratings and custom sizes.

We will take care of everything from measuring and ordering the door sets through to providing the final sign-off documents once the doors are installed. Our in-house painting and decorating service can also follow if necessary, saving you the time and hassle of finding additional tradespeople. Unlike other companies, we offer all these services in one place.

Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance

We offer fire door maintenance services to property and business owners to ensure their fire doors are free from issues that may affect their performance. 

It is important to regularly maintain fire doors, especially those in high-traffic areas, as wear and tear can impact their performance. Even what seems the smallest issue can have severe consequences in case of a fire. Our team is trained to identify such issues and fix them, and we provide comprehensive maintenance records to substantiate our work.

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